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Sep. 30th, 2006 @ 03:20 pm (no subject)
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So, I asked this question here before, and I posed it to a lot of the people I ran into and random people as well...these are the answers I've received, divided into male/female responses.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend left his/her journal on his/her bed, but unopened, would you read it?


  • Yes

  • Probably, yes

  • Yes

  • Oh yeah, I'd fuckin copy that shit

  • I'd read it if she left it under lock and key

  • Yeah

  • Hmmm, no. (i'd end up correcting all the errors in grammar and whatnot)

  • hmmm...i'd be curious, definitely, but probably not.

  • i'm a horrible, horrible person. Yes.

  • probably not. actually, i can't say no, because curiosity would probably get the best of me

  • maybe. i think one's personal thoughts are sacred, and if they choose to share them with you, that's something different.

  • i think no. i'm 80% sure i wouldn't.

  • no, because doing so would be a sign of doubt, which i don't do.

  • no, because i'm a boyscout first and a horny boy second

  • i'd feel bad, but...maybe just a look

  • just a quick peek

  • no

  • no, i don't like reading that much

  • if i felt insecure about our relationship

  • i don't know...it depends how far away he is...i wouldn't want to get caught

  • probably

  • yeah, i would

  • YEAH

  • YEAH

  • not sure; probably not. if it were open, yes; closed, no

  • hell yeah. curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought her back! i couldn't pass that up!

  • nope. i would ask him.

  • i would try not to, but i get pretty curious so i'd probably end up reading it or at least skimming over it

  • yes, i would

  • me? no

  • I dunno, i think i would, actually

  • i would wait for a nice gust of wind...or my hand...to casually knock it off the bed and then proceed to open it

  • yes, i would

  • i wouldn't be able to resist taking a look

  • quite possibly
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Date:September 30th, 2006 08:22 pm (UTC)
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may i amend my answer?

no...if he had kept one, i would get really upset reading it...since i still feel guilty that i broke up with him. :-(