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Hahah. My livejournal has been neglected for so long...but I am trying to fix that!

I'm maureen. I'm a junior at school outside baltimore, and i love it here. Not at the school necessarily, just the area and the fact that most of my friends are here. I've never really liked cities, and never considered myself a city person, but there's something different about Baltimore that I kind of like.

I'm a major in psychology with a minor in French, but if you ask me what I want to do with either of those or what I'm going to do when I graduate, I won't be able to answer you because I really don't have a freaking idea.

I am completely loyal to the Harry/Draco ship. I don't care how possible it is in canon, that's why there's fandom. And anyway, who cares about canon anyway? Because they are meant to be together (and it's fun to watch the homophobes squirm. ^_^) += (smilies credited to Hogwarts Castle )

I don't remember where I got some of my icons. If you ever see me with an icon that you made and I haven't credited you, tell me and I will. I have no intention of stealing other people's stuff; that's a not nice thing to do. Plagiarism sucks, and I urge you not to do it.

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