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Aug. 22nd, 2006 @ 10:17 pm (no subject)
=( So the CD doesn't have "Under a Violet Moon" on it. But it still has all this other cool Ren Faire music on it and I've listened to the first two songs and I like it already. I need to send Mike a card or call him and tell him thank you and I love him.

My mom bought the CD, even though I was going to. But that meant more money for me to spend, and I got Pichi Pichi Pitch 2, and a card for Tess for her birthday (i can't be at her party. *sniffle*) and a beginning book for Tarot, which I'm trying to learn. Watch: in six months my enthusiasm for that will have all but disappeared.

So then I was waiting for my mom to buy what she had, and saw another book that looked like shounen-ai, so I was reading it and Julie yelled my name, so Julie and I talked for like 10 minutes. About how we're going to go to Loyola and see if any of the teachers remember one A. Gillespie, and take random pictures and send them to him. It should be a good time.

Also. My stuff is still not packed as of 10:20 pm in the evening. It's all together though. And snap, I need to go call my roommate.
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